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Born and raised in the Twin Cities to Nuyorican parents, emcee, singer, and songwriter Maria Isa is recognized for her dedication towards celebrating her cultural diversity through music and her political activism. Influenced by the traditional Afro-Boricua ritmos of Bomba and Plena, along with Soul and Funk of Motown and Fania’s fusion of Salsa and Bugaloo, Isa plants an organic blend of call and response with lyrical "Spanglish" rhymes through the various drumbeats and snares of Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dancehall and Reggaeton.  In 1992 she started her performing arts education at El Arco Iris Center for Arts, forming Raices in 2002 with other advanced students to conserve their ancestral Puerto Rican folkloric music.  Joining Emetrece Productions in 2006 to promote her music in the Twin Cities and in Puerto Rico, as well as to study the curriculum of Hip-Hop and Reggaeton, Isa recently released her first independent album M.I. Split Personalities (Emetrece) in May of 2007.  Maria Isa independently founded SotaRico in 2008. Known for delivering her message through a unique flow, many believe Maria Isa to be a young woman with the rays of revolutionizing the next generations of voices. 

"M.I. Split Personaities" (released May 29, 2007, Minneapolis, MN)

M.I. -
Function: noun, adjective

  1. Maria Isabelle
  2. Ms. Improvisation
  3. Spanish for “My”

Split Personalities-
Function: noun

  1. The indication of two or more characters sharing one mind to express its actions.

Maria Isabelle’s Split Personalities

Moochie - The Boricua girl from the Westside of St. Paul who found a ‘golden ticket’ through her passion and dedication towards faith, family, cultural values, the arts, and education from two curriculums: the system and the people. Special Forces: Handling a basketball, free-styling in ciphers, bombazos, a Twins cap, the pit bulls crew and the ability to compete with the homeboys who won’t give her a shot.

Lolita - The activist focused on creating a unifying balance between human rights and revolutionary change. Special Forces: Uncovering the hidden textbooks, public speaking, peer-mediating, fellowship of comrades and community leadership.

Maria Isa - The spotlight diva bringing out Moochie and Lolita’s experiences to the masses. Special Forces: a notebook and pen, a microphone, bomba drums, an Emetrece sword, speaking Spanglish, and a supportive community of family, friends, and fans.

Maria Isa 2009

Maria Isa is releasing her new album titled "Cooking Rice and Beans" spring of 09 produced by Ganzobean and accompanied by members of her diversified 8 piece band preparing for her first national tour.

As a community writer for VOICES, a blog project published by Star Tribune, she is also executive producing alongside Antonio Rosario the SotaRico mix tape "Tamos Aqui." With featurings by Boricua artists from New York City, Chicago, Newark, Puerto Rico, Milwaukee, Madison, Orlando, and the Twin Cities.  Fusing hip-hop, salsa, traditional bomba rhythms and spoken word as part of Isa's fellowship as a recipient of the 2007 SASE/VERVE grant.

Be on the lookout as Maria Isa will also be starring in the upcoming film "Strike One" by  Boricua Films Productions.  Filming begins this summer in Los Angeles. For more information on the movie check out www.strikeonefilms.com.

As CEO of SotaRico Productions, Maria Isa looks forward to future projects and collaborations with its dear comrade Emetrece Productions.

For more information on Maria Isa
Visit: www.sotarico.com, www.mariaisa.com, www.myspace.com/mariaisalolita


maria isa band
Maria Isa band: from left to right: drummer Dan Comerchero, pianist Fred Gotfredson, bombero Luis Ortega, back-up vocalist Zachary Smits, emcee/singer/songwriter Maria Isa, guitarist Rohan Aurora, trumpeter and keyboardist Kyle Borchert, DJ Morgan Myers, and bassist Noj Dixit


"No Son Celos"

Moochie & Nellie Lebron Robles feat. Maria Isa

"Die, Not Kill (Lolita)"

Lolita feat. Maria Isa


"Dicen De Mi"

Maria Isa, Tek One & Velcro feat. Carmen Ramos


Alex Diaz photography

"Yo Lo Quiero"

Maria Isa


"Mal de Ojo"

Maria Isa & Mavin MC feat. Moochie & Gitana MC


"MN Nice"

Maria Isa & Gitana MC feat. Moochie


3 preg

"Tres Preguntas"

Lolita feat. Maria Isa


"This Feeling"

Maria Isa